Excavation safety and awareness videos that pack a punch! Keep your crew on the edge of their seats while reinforcing the need for safe excavation practices. Real stories of excavation accidents presented in a compelling format, sponsored and used by one-call organizations across the country. Over 100,000 excavators a year see our videos. Going into our 30th year producing Digging Dangers.

“These videos are important in our safety education outreach efforts. These are used at our Damage Prevention Meetings with excavators and facility operators held all across the state. The educators always tell us how important the presentations and the videos are for reinforcing what they tell them about safety.” – Larry Janes, Executive Director, South Dakota 811

“Not the typical safety sermon preaching what might happen. Graphically depicts what is happening in the world of excavating. Gives excavators knowledge and awareness to keep what they see from happening to them.” – Ron Rosencrans, original creator of Digging Dangers Videos

“We’ve been watching Digging Dangers Videos since they were on VHS tapes. One of the only safety and awareness videos that effectively captures the attention of my guys, they want to watch these.” – Terry Hughes, E & N Hughes Co. Inc.

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